Monday, April 19, 2010

What to do...what to do...

Without the hubby around all the time it's a given i'm going to have more time on my hands than I normally might. I have all kinds of things I need to do, more things I want to do and can't figure out where to start!

We just moved from Stockton (THANK GOD!) back to Lodi so I have quite a bit of unpacking to do - but that's really NO fun. I'm going room by room and making pretty good progress!

Painting...........sounds fun, maybe, but a little bit easier with hubby around. I'll probably start though cause he can't really say he doesn't like the color once it's up...right? :) Just kidding, we've already decided on the "house" color.

My Paris themed kitchen...this requires more painting, including going through pictures of my European vacation in October. Printing of pictures, wallpaper, staining of a cabinet and much more!

Then there's my "hobbies" - if your hobbies are anything like mine you may have quite a few, none of which actually go anywhere. Scrapbooking for instance...I have a great set up, products galore, and pictures for DAYS! I just need to get the pics printed and the creative juices flowing...and that last part is the hard part!

Photography...i've been thinking of getting into it more and more. My dad is a great photographer and I thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures in Europe. We'll see...that's kind of a long shot.

Then there's the all important exercise! I've never been much of an exerciser, don't really enjoy and wish I didn't have to. I figured what better time to start, just need the motivation now!

I'll keep you updated on what all transpires on my list of things to do! I'm overwhelmed now! :)


  1. Hey girlie! good luck on all your goals! I just thought I'd share a little bit with you as I'm currently without my hubby too (Deployment #3) What I typically do is set weekly goals for myself as it helps the time go by faster, not only are you happy that you have finished a goal, but you realize it is one week closer to seeing him again :) this can also be done in days instead of weeks :) Good luck!

  2. Thanks Julie! I have a WHOLE new respect for military wives! I honestly don't know how you do it!! Kudos to you that's for sure. I'm on Day #2 and it's been a little tough - kinda emotional but whatever! Thanks for the advice...i'm gonna give it a shot, cause tonight was not such a good night!
    Keep in touch! :)

  3. I am right there with you on not wanting to un-pack boxes! I am so excited about your Paris themed kitchen though! You must put up pictures when you're finished!! I'll be home next week - we have to plan a visit!!!!!