Sunday, April 18, 2010

A New Journey

As many of you know Keith has been in the construction industry for 11 years. He's always had a job and we've never worried about anything. Then came January 2009; Keith was laid off as a Project Manager/Estimator for a construction company. Since then our lives have taken a drastic turn! It's been an emotional year full of joys and heartaches.

Throughout 2009, Keith kept looking for jobs in the construction industry, hand delivering resumes to companies from Modesto to Sacramento with no luck. As we were scouring the internet we came across CalTrans which had countless positions available with only one stipulation...CLASS A COMMERCIAL DRIVERS LICENSE. Well...we never thought of that.

Keith made a call to Western Pacific Truck School and from there our lives were changed. Keith was going on the road! He started truck school at the beginning of March and graduated the first of April. He tried and tried to get a local job so he could be home every night but unfortunately as we're learning you do have to "pay your dues" to get the local jobs.

With the help of Western Pacific Truck School and their placement department Keith was offered a job almost two weeks into school. He had two more offers by his date of graduation all with different things to offer. God gently closed all other doors until Gordon Trucking was the door that was left open.

Keith made his first journey to Washington for orientation on April train! A wonderful 22 hour train journey from Stockton to Tacoma, WA. On Sunday, April 18th he will begin 28 days of on the road training with his trainer Steve.

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