Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Modern TRUCKER'S Wife

Well... I never thought I would be a trucker's wife and if there is a stereotype I don't think I necessarily fit it. I created this blog because all of this is new to me and new to Keith too! I've learned a lot about trucking already and i'm sure to learn more. I've learned that no matter what God has a plan! He has opened the door for our new journey and we will go on it with him faithfully. I know it's going to be hard at times to be a "Trucker's Wife" but I am so proud of my husband and for what he has accomplished.

This should be, at times, a pretty comical journey as i'm definitely going to be facing new things without my husband at home. I'm just waiting for something in the house to BREAK! I'm not a needy wife and pretty independent but they just do things and you don't really think twice about it. I'm sure i'll have a whole new respect for everything my husband did...right down to the checkbook (yes, i'm TERRIBLE at math).

Thanks for following! :)

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