Wednesday, April 28, 2010



Most of you know I commute back and forth to Sacramento daily...well today Keith called and he happened to be at the Flying J on Highway 12 and said look out for us we're getting ready to head out of Lodi. He was so close the dogs could probably smell him! So...the crazy wife that I am I held my cell phone in position for 10 minutes so I could catch the Gordon blue truck as soon as I saw it! Not to worry...he should be home for a day or so Friday night (hopefully, Saturday at worst) so we can celebrate our 7 year anniversary!

So you're asking are there pictures...OF COURSE!!!

Here he is right when I see him...leader of the pack! ONK! ONK!!

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd here he is passing me by! I promise it was him cause he other truckers wave to me! Nice action shot huh!?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Week the bag!

Well, I survived week one with hubby on the road! A few things to note:

The dogs are still alive and fed! YAY!
Dog "messes" have been picked up!
Garbage cans were put out on the right day and brought back up from the street!
The mail is being checked!
Bills are getting paid!
Painting commenced however I just realized the color is way off...I put the paint chip up to the wall and it wasn't even close - not sure how that happened.
My clothes have been unpacked and my closet is coming along.
Nothing has broken!

Dinners have not been so successful, i've been living on cereal, string cheese, nutri grain bars, bananas and other items fit for a 5 year old :)
It's kinda hard to get the motivation to cook when it's just me and i'll have a weeks worth of leftovers and i'm not a fan of leftovers. Needless to say dinner is a work in progress :)

And now for a Keith update!
Keith has been running around Northern California, Oregon and Washington! He's come as far south as Sacramento and I didn't get to see him :(
He's been sleeping good in his truck bed and driving like crazy.

He is scheduled to come home on Friday night so we can celebrate our 7-year anniversary!! Dinner reservations have been made at The Melting Pot and the top layer of our wedding cake as been ordered (it's become a tradition of ours to have the top layer of our wedding cake redone for each anniversary!) I'm so excited to see him and celebrate one of the best days of my life!

Here are some pics:

Here's Keith when I dropped him off in Chico for his first two weeks.

Here is Keith's Bed!

The Gordon truck on the left is Keith's ride, taken in Oregon!

And the highlight of the trip...THE OSCAR MEYER WEINERMOBILE!!!!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

What to do...what to do...

Without the hubby around all the time it's a given i'm going to have more time on my hands than I normally might. I have all kinds of things I need to do, more things I want to do and can't figure out where to start!

We just moved from Stockton (THANK GOD!) back to Lodi so I have quite a bit of unpacking to do - but that's really NO fun. I'm going room by room and making pretty good progress!

Painting...........sounds fun, maybe, but a little bit easier with hubby around. I'll probably start though cause he can't really say he doesn't like the color once it's up...right? :) Just kidding, we've already decided on the "house" color.

My Paris themed kitchen...this requires more painting, including going through pictures of my European vacation in October. Printing of pictures, wallpaper, staining of a cabinet and much more!

Then there's my "hobbies" - if your hobbies are anything like mine you may have quite a few, none of which actually go anywhere. Scrapbooking for instance...I have a great set up, products galore, and pictures for DAYS! I just need to get the pics printed and the creative juices flowing...and that last part is the hard part!

Photography...i've been thinking of getting into it more and more. My dad is a great photographer and I thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures in Europe. We'll see...that's kind of a long shot.

Then there's the all important exercise! I've never been much of an exerciser, don't really enjoy and wish I didn't have to. I figured what better time to start, just need the motivation now!

I'll keep you updated on what all transpires on my list of things to do! I'm overwhelmed now! :)

What every Class C (you and me!) driver should know!

I've always been nice to truck drivers granted they do annoy me at times since I do a lot of commuting...I mean really do you HAVE to go 65 well, the short answer is for the most part Yes!

I'm going to preface this entry with the following disclaimer: I know there are some jerk truck drivers who don't obey laws and are rude but for the most part they are law abiding and are just trying to get from point A to point B. They aren't trying to make your life miserable I promise!

Now on to the list:
1. Yes, they have to go 65 or whatever slow speed they are going.
I'm a speed demon just like the rest of you, but they can't be. I just learned that the trucks Keith will be driving are governed at like 65 mph. Do they REALLY want to go that slow...NO! But they have to.

2. They suffer far more than you and I do when/if they get a ticket.
That's right no online traffic school or other traffic school for these guys! Violation are automatic points on their record and the more points they get the harder it is to get a job and the list goes on.

3. Cell Phones??
Yes...and No. They can utilize headsets just like the rest of us, however if you're like me I can't stand them and do the speaker phone's not AT my ear but still in my hands. Technicalities really! :) If we are to get pulled over our fines are substantial but not so bad it really PREVENTS us from risking it. Truck drivers...$4,750 fine! That's right $4,750! Keith is prepared with his headset don't worry!

4. The trucks are big
Yeah, I know it's obvious but you have to take into account it does take a lot to move those things around and they can't just hit the brakes and come to a stop. It's more of a process to do anything they want to do. Next time you're merging and the truck doesn't just hop lanes like a jack rabbit don't get upset...just relax they're not being rude (for the most part - see disclaimer).

There are plenty of other things that we should know, but just be patient with them, they're not TRYING to make your life miserable. They have a lot on the line to keep their jobs and their driving habits are a lot of it. I firmly believe that part of getting your driver's license should be learning about what goes into driving trucks and there is a certain level of respect that needs to be granted to them. Again, there are some flat out rude ones, but others are just trying to move our goods from point A to point B.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Modern TRUCKER'S Wife

Well... I never thought I would be a trucker's wife and if there is a stereotype I don't think I necessarily fit it. I created this blog because all of this is new to me and new to Keith too! I've learned a lot about trucking already and i'm sure to learn more. I've learned that no matter what God has a plan! He has opened the door for our new journey and we will go on it with him faithfully. I know it's going to be hard at times to be a "Trucker's Wife" but I am so proud of my husband and for what he has accomplished.

This should be, at times, a pretty comical journey as i'm definitely going to be facing new things without my husband at home. I'm just waiting for something in the house to BREAK! I'm not a needy wife and pretty independent but they just do things and you don't really think twice about it. I'm sure i'll have a whole new respect for everything my husband did...right down to the checkbook (yes, i'm TERRIBLE at math).

Thanks for following! :)

A New Journey

As many of you know Keith has been in the construction industry for 11 years. He's always had a job and we've never worried about anything. Then came January 2009; Keith was laid off as a Project Manager/Estimator for a construction company. Since then our lives have taken a drastic turn! It's been an emotional year full of joys and heartaches.

Throughout 2009, Keith kept looking for jobs in the construction industry, hand delivering resumes to companies from Modesto to Sacramento with no luck. As we were scouring the internet we came across CalTrans which had countless positions available with only one stipulation...CLASS A COMMERCIAL DRIVERS LICENSE. Well...we never thought of that.

Keith made a call to Western Pacific Truck School and from there our lives were changed. Keith was going on the road! He started truck school at the beginning of March and graduated the first of April. He tried and tried to get a local job so he could be home every night but unfortunately as we're learning you do have to "pay your dues" to get the local jobs.

With the help of Western Pacific Truck School and their placement department Keith was offered a job almost two weeks into school. He had two more offers by his date of graduation all with different things to offer. God gently closed all other doors until Gordon Trucking was the door that was left open.

Keith made his first journey to Washington for orientation on April train! A wonderful 22 hour train journey from Stockton to Tacoma, WA. On Sunday, April 18th he will begin 28 days of on the road training with his trainer Steve.