Monday, April 26, 2010

Week the bag!

Well, I survived week one with hubby on the road! A few things to note:

The dogs are still alive and fed! YAY!
Dog "messes" have been picked up!
Garbage cans were put out on the right day and brought back up from the street!
The mail is being checked!
Bills are getting paid!
Painting commenced however I just realized the color is way off...I put the paint chip up to the wall and it wasn't even close - not sure how that happened.
My clothes have been unpacked and my closet is coming along.
Nothing has broken!

Dinners have not been so successful, i've been living on cereal, string cheese, nutri grain bars, bananas and other items fit for a 5 year old :)
It's kinda hard to get the motivation to cook when it's just me and i'll have a weeks worth of leftovers and i'm not a fan of leftovers. Needless to say dinner is a work in progress :)

And now for a Keith update!
Keith has been running around Northern California, Oregon and Washington! He's come as far south as Sacramento and I didn't get to see him :(
He's been sleeping good in his truck bed and driving like crazy.

He is scheduled to come home on Friday night so we can celebrate our 7-year anniversary!! Dinner reservations have been made at The Melting Pot and the top layer of our wedding cake as been ordered (it's become a tradition of ours to have the top layer of our wedding cake redone for each anniversary!) I'm so excited to see him and celebrate one of the best days of my life!

Here are some pics:

Here's Keith when I dropped him off in Chico for his first two weeks.

Here is Keith's Bed!

The Gordon truck on the left is Keith's ride, taken in Oregon!

And the highlight of the trip...THE OSCAR MEYER WEINERMOBILE!!!!!!!

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  1. I love it! Great job keeping things running while Buddy Keith is out truckin' :) I totally understand with the dinners - I usually survive on Lean Cuisine freezer meals and canned soup when Tom is gone, and I will admit to the occasional bag of popcorn and a Diet Pepsi meal, LOL!! Hang in there and let me know if you need someone to talk to, I'm here for ya!